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January 2014 Archives

Driver stranded during Maryland snow storm accused of DUI

Motorists can easily become stranded, involved in an accident or both during snowy winter weather. During a recent snowstorm that blew through Maryland, troopers were on patrol to search for drivers that may have met such a fate. One trooper found a vehicle and its driver stranded in a ditch on Route 610. The trooper rescued the driver, only to take him into custody for DUI and other offenses.

Maryland appeals court to hear case re blood alcohol content test

At present, no right exists for suspected drunk drivers to consult with an attorney prior to consenting to a blood alcohol content test. A lower court judge ruled that a woman pulled over in 2012 should have been allowed to call a friend, who was also an attorney, prior to giving her consent to a breath test. The Maryland Vehicle Administration appealed the ruling, and now the Maryland Court of Appeals will decide whether an individual who has indicated a desire to do so should be allowed to contact an attorney, if one is available to him or her, before making the decision whether to submit to a test to determine blood alcohol content.

Maryland police chase ends with woman facing drunk driving charge

Based on information from the Anne Arundel County Police, the Maryland State Police and the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office were on the lookout for a particular vehicle. The authorities reportedly located the vehicle, and a chase ensued. After officers caught up with the vehicle in question, the woman driving was charged with drunk driving, among other things.

Drinking and driving may lead to legal trouble in Maryland

There's nothing wrong with wanting to escape temporarily from everyday worries and enjoy an easygoing time of sharing a few drinks with friends -- unless a person decides to drive after having too much alcohol to drink. Drinking and driving in Maryland not only can cause serious injury and death on the road, but also it can result in legal problems for the accused perpetrator. Understanding facts and laws related to drinking and driving may help a person to avoid these issues in 2014 in Maryland.

Maryland man charged with DUI after allegedly hitting a house

Shortly before 6 p.m. on Dec. 22, police received a call regarding a vehicle that struck a house and then drove away. As they searched for a vehicle matching the description they were given, they came across a damaged vehicle with a driver that appeared to be asleep behind the wheel about two miles from where the accident took place. The man behind the wheel is now facing charges that include a DUI.

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