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Police in Maryland take aim at underage drinking and driving

Police in one Maryland city recently spent some time outside a restaurant that seems to be popular with people under the age of 21 -- especially on "Wine Night," which is on Mondays. The goal was to stop people from drinking and driving. Officers issued several citations during that time, and five people were even arrested for DUI.

Man faces DUI charge in wake of crash into building

At approximately 1:48 a.m. on a recent Tuesday morning, someone called the police to inform them that an accident had occurred. When they arrived at the location, they discovered a car had run into a building. While police were still investigating the scene, a man residing in Maryland arrived who subsequently ended up being arrested for DUI and failing to remain with the now-wrecked vehicle, which police believe he was driving that morning.

Driver accused of drunk driving after crash in Maryland

A man from Maryland's coast was recently involved in a rollover accident as he traveled west on Route 90 at approximately 3:30 a.m. As he was exiting the highway, he somehow lost control of his pickup truck. Police believe the crash was caused by drunk driving and took the driver into custody.

Annapolis woman suspected of DUI after accident injures 2

Back at the end of June, a 54-year-old woman from Annapolis was heading south on Governor Ritchie Highway. At some point, she supposedly drifted onto the shoulder of the highway and ran into two men on bicycles. This resulted in her being arrested on suspicion of DUI and two people ending up in the hospital.

Maryland State Police investigate alleged drunk driving incident

Maryland State Police are still attempting to ascertain what happened when a traffic stop was initiated on a recent Wednesday at around 6 a.m. A man is accused of drunk driving after he presumably tried to gain access to the headquarters of the National Security Agency. The man is now facing state charges and could possibly find himself facing federal charges as well.

News helicopter captures alleged drunk driving incident

When the Maryland State Police responded to an accident on the Capital Beltway recently, several lanes of traffic needed to be shut down for the investigation and clean up of the crash. A county police officer was directing traffic at the scene when a vehicle swerved out of the only open lane of traffic and grazed the officer. A news helicopter captured the alleged drunk driving incident.

Police chief in Maryland charged with drinking and driving

It was announced recently that the Police Chief in Fruitland was placed on administrative leave with pay. He voluntarily accepted this status while he awaits the disposition of drinking and driving charges in another Maryland county. Reportedly, this is the same status that any other police officer would face in a similar situation.

Maryland court sentences former coach on drunk driving charge

Back in October of last year, a former Maryland assistant basketball coach was arrested for driving under the influence ("Maryland coach charged with drinking and driving," Oct. 28, 2013). In that story, it was reported that he received a drunk driving charge after being involved in what police characterized as a DUI-related accident. Recently, a judge sentenced Dalonte Hill on a charge of driving under the influence.

No arrests at Maryland DUI checkpoint on NASCAR race weekend

At the beginning of June, a NASCAR race took place in a neighboring state. Due to the close proximity of the race to Maryland, a DUI checkpoint was set up to discourage people from driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. A DNR officer, troopers and sheriff's deputies operated the checkpoint.

Did drunk driving cause Maryland driver to crash his scooter?

Many reasons exist as to why a Maryland resident might fail a field sobriety test after having an accident, the least of which is the fact he or she was just in a crash. Even so, when police believe a driver was impaired at the time, they typically attempt to verify it. However, the fact that an individual fails a field sobriety test is not necessarily sufficient proof of drunk driving.

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